May 2nd, 2017 (

Ive lurked on these forums for years now but finally took the step of booking with an SP last month. After a lot of thought I decided on Carman… she fit my 100% safe requirement (not just myself to think about), had great reviews and looked fantastic in her pictures. I haven’t seen a review recently so figured I’d take the time to post one. I’ll try to keep it short and to the point.

All i can say is Wow! I lucked out on an incredible choice for my first time doing this. Her texts before we met were super friendly and very sweet… and ended up being indicative of her personality. I’m not going into details on our session, but the things i will say are that Carman is absolutely smoking hot… a gorgeous young woman. She makes fantastic eye contact throughout and really pulls off the GFE perfectly. She is all safe and I understand many guys want more, but for anyone looking for a safe experience I find it hard to believe there is a better choice out there.

Honestly for me though it’s her personality above all else that has had me repeating once a week. She’s sweet and funny and so down to earth… super easy to talk to. For me that kind of connection translates a lot to the other side of the experience… so it’s been awesome seeing her.

Not sure if i’ll get slammed for this review since i have practically no posts, but wanted to give credit where it’s due and highly recommend Carman to anyone who fits what she offers. You won’t regret it.